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Summer Retreat whith Christian Pisano

In these workshops, the spatiality of the body is pressed by certain rituals of plenitude. They are there to make us recognize our infinite capacity to enlighten our process, whatever it is. There is thus a reconciliation with what we call the practice which is the very movement of reality. The means used point to the spontaneous instruction at the heart of each asana and the recognition of a technique and living pedagogy that is innate to us, but that we have often forgotten.

Christian Pisano

has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for many years. More than 25 years ago he lived in Pune for several years in order to be close to and learn directly from his guru, B.K.S. Iyengar. His philosophical inclinations are those of the non-dual approaches, especially that of the “Trika” system known as Kashmir Shaivism. He is one of only 3 teachers worldwide to have the Advanced Senior Intermediate Teachers’ certificate given by BKS Iyengar. He continues to study with the Iyengars annually in Pune.

«I always practice the three reminders. They are like 3 lakes that cleanse the heart. First I always remember that I am a form of infinite Consciousness. Then I always observe the  glorious phenomenon of this universe as the expression of my own Consciousness. Most of all I keep the awareness that all the different states of Consiousness are my own self.»


Week 1


from monday 2sd to saturday 7th august

Arrival sunday 1st august

For students with at least 3 years of practice.

Week 2


from monday 9th to saturday 14th august

Arrival sunday 8th august

For students with at least 3 years of practice.

Week 3


from monday 16th to saturday 21st august

Arrival sunday 15th august

Reserved for teachers.