I met yoga Iyengar during the university period, more than twenty years ago, transmitted “pure and rigorous” from the teachings of Christian Pisano landed in Italy thanks to the invitation of Renato Turla to whom I also owe the enlightening meeting with Dona Holleman , acute and expert teacher.


From 1986 to today I have followed and completed 2 instructor courses directed by C. Pisano, to as many as I took part as assistant: in Bergamo, in the first yoga center founded by me (1994) and in Lyon.

I joined my teacher for 2 years without interruption in France, England, America, Italy during seminars, intensives, conventions, megaclass directed by him, as well as in India at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) where I took part in the courses “General Classes” and “Intensives”.


I founded with Christian Pisano the “Institut de yoga Iyengar de Nice”, a renowned training school for Iyengar teachers directed today by Pisano himself.


I graduated (Introductory level two) in 2006.


Currently I organize courses and seminars at the centers I founded, where I host internationally renowned teachers.

About Roberta

Da oltre 30 anni studio ed insegno lo YOGA IYENGAR con il mio maestro e caro amico, Christian Pisano.
Ho integrato il metodo Iyengar con l’utilizzo di sfere per i preliminari alle asana al fine di sviluppare un approccio intuitivo e gioioso alla sincronicità.
Ho integrato nelle mie lezioni lo studio approfondito dei piedi per migliorare la postura grazie alla formazione YAMUNA foot Fitness.
I piedi e le mani sono come volanti, conoscerli e saperli direzionare significa orientarsi e connettersi con tutto il corpo, migliorando la stabilità e l’allineamento.
Ho approfondito lo studio dei Bandhas e dei movimenti attivi della colonna vertebrale a partire dal core (Kanda) seguendo la formazione con Simon Borg Olivier ed il suo metodo “yoga Sinergy”, che tonifica i muscoli, rinforza le difese immunitarie e la schiena.
Ho fondato il mio centro di ritiri residenziali Anuttara e sono cofondatrice del centro di Nizza diretto da Christian Pisano.
Organizzo seminari e ricevo nel mio centro insegnanti di fama internazionale.

YOGA School

The Iyengar method

Iyengar Yoga takes its name from the method created by Master B.K.S. Iyengar.

In over seventy years of dedication to yoga, Master Iyengar, has deepened the study and the effects of Asanas (positions) and Pranayama (breath control).

The alignment, the symmetry, the precision in the execution, the sequence and the duration of the positions, are the peculiar characteristics of this method that acts on a physical, emotional and mental level.

For everyone and all ages

From children and adolescents who need a vigorous and dynamic practice to learn the concentration and harmonious development of the body.
From adults who with a constant practice reduce tension, prevent problems in the spine, joints and internal organs and counteract the aging of the body.

From the elderly whose practice is aimed at keeping the muscles active, to mobilize the joints and to keep the mind active but still.

The use of supports

Long years of rigorous study have given Iyengar a profound knowledge of the beneficial effects of each Asana on both the physical and mental levels and their infinite combinations according to the various needs.


In order to make everyone participate in the benefits of yoga, Iyengar was the first to invent the use of tools such as blocks of wood,


blankets, belts, cushions, stools that allow students to stay in one position longer, to reap the benefits at deeper levels.

In this way even the weakest physically can remain long enough to have the desired effects on the organs

2022 - 2023

Schedules and courses


18:30 - 19:00

19:00 - 20:30


19:30 - 21:00


* Yamuna Foot Fitness 


  • Monthly passes, possibility of single lessons.
  • The subscription is personal, non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Missed lessons can be made up for  within the month of enrollment with another equivalent lesson.
  • All practice materials are provided by the school, except the mat.


The courses finish at the end of June.


   2022 | November 1st, December 8th, from December 23th to January 8th

   2023 | February, from 12th to 15th 

               June, from 13th to 16th 

               Easter Holidays, 1st May, July and August



Pleaced in a hilly side, in a seventeenth-century farmhouse, completely restored, the center benefits from a charming position and atmosphere. The bedrooms, furnished with modern and minimalist taste, some in Japanese style, can welcome until 23 guests.

Located at 500 meters height, in a uncontaminated valley between Bergamo and the lake of Lecco.
The mild climate, the purity of the air, the quality of the silence and the beauty of nature, all create the right conditions for a deep and harmonious practice. The oak and chestnut woods are the perfect shelter for meditation and walks.

Yoga Studio

A spacious and luminous room of 120 square meters equipped with all the necessary tools for the practice of yoga.

Residential Center

An entirely renovated structure, able to accommodate 23 people in double or triple rooms.

Vegetarian Food

For your residential seminars, we can offer vegetative or vegan menus.

100 Km of trail.

Different types of trails suitable for all, directly accessible from the center.


Roberta Arlenghi

31 JULY – 5 august 2023

Summer Retreat – General level.
(Arrival day 30th august)

Christian Pisano

7 – 12 august 2023

Summer retreat – General level.
(Arrival day  6th august)


14 -19 août 2023

Summer retreat – Iyengar Yoga Teachers only.
(Arrival day 13th august) 

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